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Raise Money using the Perpetual Fundraiser Are you familiar with those fundraising programs available at certain local stores that provide cash rewards for purchases made by supporters?

Well how about a program like that on steroids?

Instead of being limited to just a couple local merchants, this program connects you and your supporters with over 2,000 stores, and your supporters can make all those purchases through one massive online shopping mall. 

That means your supporters can be anywhere in the USA, as long as they’re connected to the internet!

And the beauty of this is that you don’t have to manage the program and it doesn’t cost you anything to take advantage of this opportunity!

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Spread your Message and Generate Revenue using Facebook No doubt about it, Facebook is the best known and most widely used social media platform on the Internet.

Being on Facebook makes your organization potentially visible to the hundreds of millions of Facebook users worldwide.

Optimizing your Facebook Page to make it socially engaging, effective at attracting new followers, and capable of being a revenue generator, is now easy to do using the new proprietary platform for marketing on Facebook.

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Eliminate Debt
in the Absolutely Most Efficient Way

If your organization has any sort of debt — loans, credit cards, and mortgages, for example — those monthly payments are diverting cash away from your mission.

Futhermore, the interest being paid is a waste of your organization’s resources. Money being lost to lenders is helping them, not your organization.

Imagine how much more favorably supporters would view your organization if you were optimizing the stewardship of their money.

You may qualify for a program that would enable you to accelerate completely paying off those debts by leveraging your existing cash flow.

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Make sure you are being found on the Web Do you realize your organization might be on hundreds or different directories, databases and sites on the Web? All of them exist to help people find the products and services they’re searching for.

When people are searching for an organization to support, are they finding yours or other organizations instead?

Are you even listed on all those sites?

If so, is the information about your organization correct, accurate and complete on every one of those sites?

Have you password-protected the data on each site to guard against someone else altering your contact information?

More and more people are using Smartphones and mobile devices to search and access information while they’re on the go. Does your organization have a website optimized for Google Mobile? Are you on Page 1 of Google Mobile? Are you missing out on all those prospective supporters and donors?

The fastest way to get those answers is to get a Business Checkup. It’s free and there’s no obligation. Just click the button and complete the brief questionnaire.

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to only existing businesses in the USA.


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